Thoughts on Bombay


Should the media not disclose that the HLL Board, MPs etc are trapped inside. Doesn’t it increase risk for them

Only now (at 11 15 am) have TVs been disconnected inside the hotels. Shouldn’t they have done this earlier?

NDTV reported last night that telephone lines were jammed and TVs went off at around 9 last night, just before the attacks. I wish someone had investigated that and put the hotel on alert. Learnings I guess for security system. How but can terrorists actually do something like that?

These roads on Nariman Point were where we took walks during lunch. The Oberoi and Hilton were where I have attended conferences and dinners. Hell I’ve even walked into The Oberoi to use the washrooms. The only medical store in Nariman Point is in The Oberoi. I’ve sat on Marine Drive just outside the hotels countless times. I took the train from VT everyday.

Its chilling to have to call colleagues travelling and those still stuck in office,checking on them, giving them info.

That its pouring here and that I haven’t left for work has reinforced the fact that things aren’t normal.

A friend’s colleagues were stuck in The Oberoi, but managed to get out. They’re still in shock.

The Israeli connection is confusing me? Is the media saying that they’re the hostages or are they the attackers?

Brave people these are the policemen and also the media persons covering the operations.

Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, RIP. Didnt know that the top cops actually got into the real action.

OJ lives in South Mumbai and could hear the blasts and gun shots. I heard a huge blast on live TV…the look of horror and shock on Shaili Chopra and Shivnath Thukral..never seen anything like that.


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  1. I’m updating live in Twitter, in case you’re looking for fresh news. Sigh. This is the closest home its ever hit.

    I’m at home..rain havent been able to leave and am in front off the TV still…waiting for it all to end..

  2. Really pathetic!!

    Did u watch Hemant Karkare gearing up for the encounter ystd on NDTV??? I was shocked when I heard the news this morning that he was shot. 😦

    Yeah I did..was up till 3 am..sad state of affairs.

  3. I have a hypothesis. The Taj was probably tackled first because the Unilever (not HLL – it being Unilever makes the problem’s undesirable possible outcomes worse and more global) board was inside with the chairman, the ceo and the ceo-elect and spouses. We do not know everything but it is quite possible that the gunmen knew which hotels had more luminaries.

    The Unilever CEO elect seems to have made it out. I havent heard official news of the others..Yeah but its disgusting the way the media went about systematically giving out these crucial bits of news..ironically the Taj operation is the one that seems will get completed last. The Oberoi is done and Nariman House, as I type is nearly done as well. While its possible that the perps did know of these people being in there..its ridiculous that the media was talking about it so freely, an MP was giving an interview..did he not realise he could be endangering his own life? While I do commend these people for the risks that they are taking in bringing reports to us live..I really wish they could get more responsible..coverage like this is simply not done. I really wish they get rapped good and solid and not decorated with awards.

  4. The media can be insensitive and idiotic. I see it from close quarters!

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