In which we play the Grinch

Alright! Pardon the bad rhyme. But yeah I’m really pissed. Super mad. So yeah Christmas came and went? Oh that useless year of a 2008 also passed us by? Really, you don’t say?! None of it made one iota of a difference to me. Its been an endless stream of work..the days morphed into nights and sleep and food have been calculated necessities. Apart from the stress of the work, I ensured that I planned out my sleep, drinking that one cup of Protinex, ensuring that some breakfast went down my throat. Sort of like a car that you need to feed petrol in, switch off the engine to prevent over heating.

I’m done with this being Ms Busy..working all the time. The patience has really worn off…I’ve been doing this for more than five years now. The night outs, the high pressure of ensuring that 100% levels of accuracy in the output, mistakes are disaster in what I do, some companies are still reeling under the mistakes made by my boss (evil grin), SMSes in the middle of the night from managers asking if I’m free, not being able to attend to a sick husband, turning my mom into some kind of a caterer. I’ve had it.

However that’s not to say that I want to stop working, far from it really. But I want to move to something more comfortable than this pressure cooker, equally or more challenging, in Madras, in the times of the slow down. Yeah so if some one knows of a boutique IB or a PE fund that does two or three deals in a year and is based here, do let me know. Simple want yeah.


All around people are looking at putting 2008 behind them. And hoping that 2009 will change the tide. You know that idealistic way of looking at things. Of new clean slates to start over with. A crisp white page, a clear day after the storm, new and full of promise. At my heightened state of cynicsm I can only snigger and say bah. Wait till reality catches up with you! You making a resolution to lose weight? Been off the sweets for five whole days now? Just wait till the temptation creeps back. Wait for the novelty of the new year to fade and then we’ll see.

Yeah and on that note I will end this lovely, sunshiney post. And yeah I dare 2009 to prove me wrong.


7 Responses

  1. well I know how that sort of a situation can be..hope you get to relax a little this year

    So far, no such luck..its only getting progressively worse.

  2. Ever thought about writing for online media???? On topics from finance to arts to books..the options are endless. I think u can even work from home!

    Well I’m willing to trust my number skills more than my skills with the written word! I do like to write and have written stuff for newspapers, but I really don’t think I’m good enough to do it for a living. Plus there’s the issue of money. I wrote something for ToI once and got paid Rs 600, the other time I wrote for The Business Line and did not get anything! And yeah I can’t afford to take much of a pay cut right now.

    Protinex lies in my mom’s kitchen shelf too.

    Yeah I’m having it religiously now! No dizzy spells so far! Touch wood!

    PS: Don’t u ever switch off ur mobile at home??

    That amounts to blasphemy..we’re available 24 X 7.

  3. Protinex is in our house too….and I hear its indeed good ! So dont stop 🙂 *this, from a girl who happily drinks tea and hates all health drinks* 😉

    I drink it its not too bad. Yeah I am the coffee addict!

    And I hope you get the much needed off from work soon…I know how taxing it can be !

    Not much respite so far 😦

  4. You are giving me courage to dare 2009 as well…

    🙂 And 2009 is soooo scared now! But seriously though, I do hope it is better for you. Hugs

  5. Protinex sounds interesting…lol

    Interesting!! The only saving grace is the chocolate flavour

    As for the New Year…feel pretty much the same. Think of them as goals not resolutions 😛

    Yeah that’s a better way of looking at it!

  6. Happy new year, GDS! I really hope this year turns out the way you want it to.

    Happy new year to you too!!

    You know, reading about your schedule made me pant (really). How about taking some time off to consider your options? As long as you’re in the same place you tend to go through the rut over and over again (been there, done that). Try and break away from that– it really does help.

    Do you mean a holiday? I am hoping to take one soon..But if you mean quitting and then trying for another one, that is not happening in this market..I have to count myself lucky to have a job right now. My colleague’s credit card application was rejected!

    Sending your way best wishes and loads of easy work-life vibes. 🙂

    Thankoo…really really need them!

  7. Any post on the Satyam fraud case. That must be the talk of the office no?

    Oh I have a huge huge post in my head…let me see if I can write it out!

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