Ok I am absolutely in love with the song. I think Sonam Kapoor looks like a million bucks, has so much character and just lights up the screen. If I was a lesbian, I’d surely be hitting on her. There is some sort of an explanation to the meaning of the word here.

The song is the heroine’s “aspiration to break free and fly high”. Nice. I want to be like that too. Live life without a care in the world, not be constrained by a million things, be able to break into a dance whenever, uninhibited. Strictly from the song (I really don’t know what kind of a character she’d turn out to be in the movie), that girl is everything I’m not. I’m more like Shahana Goswami in Rock On, except that I do not have a good for nothing husband and I’m not bitter enough to grudge other people’s successes. You know that tired rubbing of eyes, cribbing about everything under the sun, the feeling of being short changed. Yep that’s me. As much as I try to stay positive there’s something that comes in the way, pulling me down.

And KT and I have been going on trips. Guilt trips. He feels that he cannot do things for me that will enable to me to loosen up and go after what I want. And I am so guilty that I am turning out to be more of a guest in the house. Coming home to do some more work and sleep. Food is either provided by my mother or KT russles up a simple meal. And that is horribly unfair.. I’m not able to keep up my part of the deal. My ma has been trying to get me to get a cook, but I really don’t think we’d be able to manage one and get work done out of her. I’m just trying to think rationally and not let emotions come into play. But my rational thoughts are so intermingled with my emotions that I am helpless. Also my rational self says go find another job. The current market says bwahahaahaha. And my emotions say boohoo, there’s no way out of this mess. Can I just go to sleep and wake up when the recession lifts?

As regards KT’s guilt with respect to me, I honestly feel the feelings are completely baseless. Anyone remember this post I did on my MBA plans. Well I decided to shelve them and for the first time in my life I’m completely at peace with this decision. One of my biggest grouses has been the timing of my marriage and I essentially felt that it completely poured hot water over my B School plans. Now in hindsight, had I not been married, I would have passed out of B School in 2009. And been in a huge soup. A soup whose main ingredients would have included meagre savings, a student loan and the prospect of finding a job in this wonderful market. I can be pretty sure that I’d have killed to be in the position that I am now. And the thing is after this, getting an MBA and trying to get a job leveragin that MBA doesnt sound like a very interesting proposition. So Im completely fine with the idea of not getting it. A CA and CFA (which I will hopefully complete soon) sounds good enough. Plus I’m having a lot of Buddha moments here..and am receiving enlightenment by leaps and bounds.  So yeah KT. Relax. We’re doing fine. And you know that its not in my DNA to quit and sit at home for a bit before I can find another job also. So you can rest assured that its not just money that is forcing me to work here.

And when you hear of people losing jobs, facing so many uncertainties, my problem of too much work actually sounds like a blessing. My main issue is that my body refuses to let me work like a maniac and I am pulled down further by the callousness that abounds at the workplace. I just wonder if it is all worth it.

I just decided that I’d go get myself a spa treatment.. a nice head massage perhaps. Let me see if what people say about emerging dewy fresh is really true!


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  1. Actually I agree with you..she looks really good…and the song has been on my lips for quite some days now

    Oh the whole album is awesome! Much better than Ghajini and Slumdog. Brilliant stuff

  2. Gonna hear the song now 🙂

    You should! The whole album in fact!

    As for work, support your decision ther – it’s tough times and we gotta be more cautious i guess…

    don’t stress too much babe – get that spa treatment and you WILL feel better after 🙂

    Yeah really don’t know when I will get to doing it though!

  3. oh I love that song too!!!

    You know she reminds me of you!

    And I am sure the spa treatment is a rocking idea!

    Take a break girl, go put ur feet up 🙂

    The break and the spa remain a distant dream 😦

  4. hmmm Masakali is good and so is Sonam Kapoor.
    Did u listen to Rehna Tu sung by ARR??? Thats my pick from the album 🙂

    I just came back after a head massage 😀

    Thanks a bunch for the link! KT went and downloaded all the songs and put them on my IPod!
    And head massage! Good, I still havent gotten around to doing it yet!

  5. Oh……. m flat on the song and sonam kapoor looks. as m also a delhite and i can feel her fresh looks.
    love sonam kapoor………

    Hey Varun! Totally the smitten kitten arent you 😉

  6. I have been humming this song ever since I heard. Love Masakkali ud Matakalli and her spitting water on the guy.

    Another good one from ROM.

    Hey! You’re new here! Yeah I’m in love with the album..great work..I can’t wait to watch the movie as well..I hope it isnt a let down though..

  7. Loved that song !! Rehman is simply good 🙂

    Hello CA! Yeah Rahman is awesome! I’m so glad Mani Ratnam had that fall out with Illayaraja!

  8. (suki here).
    Fell in love with that song too – me, who very very rarely listens to Hindi music!

    Do go get that spa treatment ASAP, and till then start by giving yourself a 5-minute head massage every night. And a foot bath on Sundays. Really, really helps when you’re stressed out, and keeps you from stressing about the money you spend in a spa! 😉

    Yeah I know I keep thinking I can afford to pamper myself..then I balk at spending Rs 1000 at least in one hour! Yeah I gave myself an oil head massage on Sunday and I tried to use as little shampoo as possible…started in full earnest..dumped so much water on my head..found it oh so greasy, lost patience and nicely shampooed…you would have been the opposite of proud of me that day 😦

  9. this song is awesome .i really love it

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