Why people do what they do – 1

In an attempt to bring myself back to writing and to revive this sad little blog, here’s presenting a new series.

The recent brouhaha in the blogosphere has had me wondering. There are several people who invest a lot of their time and passion into their blogs. They have opinions and they’re not afraid to air them and get into arguments with people, as long as the people arguing remain in the realm of civil behaviour.

Now that’s the issue I have. What causes people to cross those limits of civility? Why are trolls trolls? What is it that motivates them and causes them to leave nasty comments? What causes them to wish the blogger ill? They’re most welcome to dislike what a blogger has to say and disagree, but what is that chemical in their sorry heads that causes them to shoot off that hate mail, that nasty comment, say things like “I’m done reading you. You don’t deserve the readership you have” etc.

Is it a case of too much time, too few worthwhile things to do, too few friends, a bad childhood, not enough love in their lives? What?

On the other hand, what causes bloggy bonds to forge? (this is something I needed to have done much earlier, but better late than never). I was really touched by the response I received to my last post, comments, and emails. Thank you guys, it really cheered me up and I got caught up with a hundred different things and couldn’t post replies, but it really meant a lot to me.

What causes some people to reach out to a virtual stranger to just convey some understanding, a simple “Hang in there”? Whatever it is the world is a better place for it!

Edited to add:
While I’m on the topic of blogs, I have to mention food bloggers. How do they do it? On the one hand you’re cooking, on another, you’re taking pictures, mentally composing your blog post. How do they get the motivation to do these things! I doff my hat at them. Seriously, major admiration comes!


8 Responses

  1. I dont know abt trolls. I seriously dont understand the need to shoot off a rude comment. Isnt it easier to just close the browser and ignore the post?

    You have been missed.

    Ive missed this too..but something’s been holding me back..hopefully its over now! And yeah this post was part triggered by that person who said she was done reading you because you’re using cuss words…damn funny..like you begged her to read in the first place!

  2. oh about trolls. Well how difficult is it to close the browser when you don’t like what you are reading! Stupid people..

    Hey you! I thought you vanished off the face of the earth! Exactly my point..its not like this is a nasty relative that you have to unfortunately put up with. Clicking on the X button is a right..use it rude folks!

  3. Hi, just happen to stumble on your blog.

    I agree, there are some people who leave nasty comments and sometimes SPAM! These kind of people merely just want to irk you or annoy you. You do not need to be discouraged by them at all.

    Btw, nice blog!

    Hey you! There are people who leave nasty comments in other people’s names, I’ve personally had a troll commenting in another’s blogger’s real name…beat that one! If that blogger hadnt been so “popular” with the trolls I might have taken offence for no fault of the blogger!

  4. 🙂 glad to see u back in action. Missed updates on this space!

    Wanted to call u, but somehow thought u’d like to be on your own right now…but just so you know, Have been thinkiong about u!


    Hugs right back!

  5. hey glad to see you back
    sometimes people with strong opinion come out as rude..but yeah i have seen some intentional provocative comments..

    Good to see you too! You have a good point..a lot of people do get into trouble thanks to their sticking to their opinions..but I guess the difference is when you do recognise the fact that others are entitled to their opinions and you agree to disagree.

  6. same as why children throw tantrums – to get attention, just that these never grew up. and seriously, food bloggers are domestic goddesses! hope to see you write more.

    Hey you’re new here, I really hope to write more and to see more of you!

  7. Glad to see ur post! last week I wanted to email u, then thought may b ur on a holiday and didn’t do it.
    Welcome back!

    You can email anyway 🙂 Thanks!

    People above have already said what I wanted to. btw which blog are u talking abt and what was the post that spurred the debate or insanity rather???

    Will email you…don’t want to reshash it all here!

  8. Now where did YOU vanish???

    Ah well..but I’ve been semi active on twitter!

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