And some more great news!

Guess who is coming out of his hibernation. Vikram Seth is writing a sequel to A Suitable Boy. And guess what its called, A Suitable Girl. Even for a die hard fan like him I have to confess that I’m a little ambivalent on whether a sequel would work. He’s said that Lata the protagonist of the epic novel, is looking out for a suitable girl for her grandson. I’d much rather have seen a brand new subject but well, I’m not complaining too much! And in true Seth style this one comes out in 2013! I’d be 30 then!! Dammit! Now I’m not so sure I want 2013 to hurry up!

 The good news however is this: ” In the intervening years, Penguin will also publish a new volume of Vikram Seth’s poems and a new book of essays.” So there is some Seth fodder for the remaining years of my twenties!


4 Responses

  1. yus i waded thru all fifteen hundred pages of suitable boy. hopefully the sequel is not the same length!

    I would love for it to be longer! 😉

  2. Hey, you made my day GDS!!! What fantastic news! I am hoping the sequel will be even longer than the first… 🙂

    Same here! I would love a 3000 page thingie! I can still remember reading Suitable Boy..was in college..I absolutely refused to do anything that time..took me a week of reading every second I was awake and not in class! In between classes, during breaks, on the bus to and from home, late in the night, sneaking it into the loo even to escape my mother’s wrath! Maniacal I was!

    Btw, I went ‘ouch’ at your ‘I will be 30 then’ line – I will be 31 then. Hard to believe!

    I know…wierd thought..more responsibility and all that…so wierd!

  3. Oh! this is news to me. I have’nt even read A Suitable Boy.

    You should you should! I absolutely loveeeee his writing!

  4. Wow I din know this!! But 2013?!! Too long!!

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