Dear random person on Linked In

There is a good reason why my Orkut account is dead and inactive.

There is a good reason why I did not create a Facebook account.

There is a good reason I only have a Linked In account.

Linked In is not a place to send friendship (even if it’s spelt the right way) requests. At least say you want to network professionally (though going through your profile, there’s absolutely nothing in common between us. I do not want any “friendships to bring us together”. Thank you and bye


6 Responses

  1. hehhe … ill effects of social networking ha

    Oh yeah…I Orkut put me off Facebook completety!

  2. I know what u mean.
    orkut is passe anyways!
    u still get invites for fraandships???
    I added mates from primary school to teachers from high school, now no time to stay in loop 🙂

  3. Ahh yes Linked In too I meet people who want “friendships”.

    The worst is when you’re getting married…I mean with so many “friends” it was crazy tough to prune the guest list!
    Linked In has so far been a very nice experience, that makes sense…never friendship requests. Sigh!

  4. Actually, u wont find many morons disturbing u on facebook unlike orkut.

  5. Check this out!
    Orkut Vs Facebook

  6. well said.. i share the same sentiment for those marketers and bots who randomly send fraandship requests

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