You’ve got mail – Part III

Continued from Part I and Part II

He didn’t quite know how to respond. Millions of questions were swarming around his head – where was she coming from – what had caused a change of heart, when exactly did she fall in love with him especially since they were totally out of touch. What did she mean she was in love with him?!

He wanted to speak with her. That very instant. 24987321. That used to be her phone number, he did not even know if this number still existed. She must have a mobile phone now and it was way too late to try calling on the landline. There was no way in which he could respond by email, what could he say that wouldn’t sound contrived? He could email her asking her to call him, he decided, especially if she was up at this time, sending him this email. What could have been going through her mind, he wondered. Did she have to summon up courage to do this? Did she wait till it was late to press that send button? Why did she not add her mobile number to the email?

“Hi Varsha, we really need to talk. My local number is 98315 56892. You can reach me on this till tomorrow afternoon and I leave for Hong Kong then. Do call me or email or text me your number.

Bye, K”

Bye or Love he wondered. He didn’t want to put on this email how he felt about her, it just didn’t feel right to him. “This is it”, he thought, “Go away email, you modern day pigeon”.

He swore loudly, the damned internet connection. It seemed to be totally dead now and a quick call to the reception confirmed that.

Kanishk banged his laptop shut. There was pretty much nothing he could do right now. He had to get some sleep as he had to attend an early morning meeting and an afternoon flight to catch. But the sleep refused to take over. His mind was hyper, a million thoughts encircled his brain. He wondered if he should postpone his flight and travel to Madras instead.

He tossed and turned. He suddenly felt a fit of hatred towards Varsha, he didn’t appreciate that she felt she could just breeze into his life one fine day and expect him to welcome her with arms wide open. The issue was he was desperate to do that. The sense of longing was so ingrained in his fabric, he had gotten quite used to living with a sense of wanting her love in return, wanting to hold her close, wanting to have long conversations with her, wanting to run his fingers through her hair.

She couldn’t have known, he had never told her that he loved her and thankfully he hadn’t confided in any of his friends either. So unless she was a mind reader, there was no way she could have known, she couldn’t have found out by the way he behaved either, simply because so much time had flown under the bridge. What had caused her to feel this way, old photographs, a conversation with old friends, sudden realisation of what had taken place then? At some point he dozed off, Varsha, school, tuition classes, cycling alongside each other, her beloved Beatles wove in and out of his dreams.

He woke up with a start. It was 8 am and the meeting was scheduled for 9 30, thankfully the venue was within walking distance and he did not have to endure the crazy traffic.

He looked at his face in the mirror as he shaved. He looked tired and for some reason he did not feel the exhilaration he thought he would feel at this point, perhaps it was because what he had wanted for most of his adult life was within striking distance. She must have changed so much. He had, he knew that. He had specific memories of her, but would he have to get to knowing her all over again now?

There was no time for breakfast as he wore his tie, grabbed a jacket and ran for his meeting.

At 11 45 he was done. He had to quickly decide whether he wanted to travel to Madras or go ahead with his plans of getting home. He figured he needed access to his emails first. He wouldn’t travel to Madras he thought, he needed to speak to Varsha first and he did not want to look like a needy puppy. He had to find her number, he could get that from his old classmates, but he didn’t feel like speaking or explaining anything to them. He could try her old landline number.

He called the number. “Hallo”. It was a loud, shrieky, unfamiliar voice. “Varsha please” said Kanishk, He felt strangely calm, like there was nothing extraordinary about the moment. “Office le irukanga. Yaaru?” It was servant maid. He asked if she would give him Varsha’s mobile number, she immediately became suspicious, so Kanishk hung up quickly. He was left with no choice but to email now.

He made his way to a cyber café and there was another email from Varsha! Was she giving him her number he wondered.

“Hey you guys. Sorry about the mail you received yesterday. My account seems to have been hacked into and that email was sent out to all my contacts. If any of you married men got into trouble with your wives – I’m sorry! And girls did I send any of you into a tizzy wondering about my sexuality – or wait yours!?! Do tell!!

Sorry again, I think I will be discarding this address, will send out my new address soon. Change your passwords people!


He sank back into his chair and tried to sort out his thoughts. He smiled. It widened into a big grin, a guffaw escaped from his lips. Was he going mad he wondered? Soon he was laughing loud, the guy manning the cybercafé seemed alarmed. “What is the matter with you Kanishk?” asked a voice in his head.

He paid up and walked out. There was an extra spring in his step. A smile played on his lips. He was finally free.


12 Responses

  1. Damn u GDS!!!
    but this was a good read 🙂

    Hehe how would you have liked it to end?! That email went off to everyone in her mailbox..why would she pick Kanishk alone and send him an individual email?! I was sure of the hacked mailbox, only dilemma I faced was whether he would take this as a sign and pursue her..this ending won though!

  2. Kanishk deserved an individual email atleast considering she has known him for donkey’s years. 😀

  3. Hmmm.. since I am a sucker for couples holding hands walking of in the sunset endings, this wasnt what I expected.

    So am I actually..but at least its a happy ending!! Read my response to Praveen..
    But then as I reading I was thinking she better not write that she wants to tie rakhi today being rakhsa bandhan and all.
    Aargh…no way I would have done that!

    That said, I really enjoyed the story. Its really goodl. You should try and enter it in some competetion
    Thank you..but I really don’t think this is competition material! Writing it was actually tough. My respect for people who write novels has jumped manifold!

  4. heheh nice story! Just finished reading your entire blog and enjoyed it.. You have thru a lot of stuff during childhood and looks like now everything is going well for you! God bless!

    Hey welcome aboard and thanks for your lovely comment! Hope to see you around more here!

  5. The end is good! I was afraid it would be a ‘happy ever after’ sort.

    Hey! You’re new here! Yeah I definitely didnt want a very straight forward happily ever after ending!

  6. 🙂 why shoud’nt she email him? They have been friends and out of touch for a while now. Why is’nt she excited to see his email..fine she does’nt have feelings for him, yet he is an old friend!
    May be you could have taken one step ahead and yet concluded in a similar fashion? Or am I just blabbering? 🙂

    No no! He never did send out the email! Bad connectivity remember!

  7. Ahh! I am embaressed. Terribly sorry! .
    I did read that, but donno why I assumed he was waiting to check her reply at the cyber cafe.

    Oh don’t be embarrassed, please!

  8. Hey GDS…have been a long time lurker of your blog…in fact stumbled upon a post and was so intrigued that I actually looked up your archives (starting right from 2007 🙂 ) and read all the way to current time in a single go 🙂 !!!!

    Hey MJ…are you the one who writes at Gaysi? While one part of me is thrilled that someone has actually bothered reading all of what I have written, one part is cringing thinking that all that crap has been re-read!

    Just HAD to delurk to tell you I loved your short story and the twist at the end….fantastic!!! Very O. Henry 🙂 !!

    Now is that like the biggest compliment ever possible or what! O Henry! Thanks so much!

    Keep it going, GDS. Brilliant stuff 🙂 !


  9. Why do i see a wicked grin on the woman at the end of the story…

    Who me? The wide eyed innocent?!

  10. Hahahaha… loved it!! I was sort of hoping you wouldn’t end it soon but a part of me wanted to know the ending… this was simply perfect though!

    Thank you! Hoping it wouldn’t end! It was so tough finding the time to write this itself!

  11. Dude….this was amazing…the ending was just brilliant. I loved it. The way you set Kanishk’s heart free was beautiful…

  12. Nahiiiiiiiiiii!
    Didn’t see that coming!No way!
    Good work!
    Do continue to write fiction 🙂

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