They cut up the mango tree. The one just outside my window. The nice tree that gave us so much shade, mangoes every summer, where squirrels ran around, where the cuckoos sang from, the tree the occasional monkey paid a visit to.

Gone in about two hours. Leaving me a blubbering, sobbing mess.


9 Responses

  1. Mango tree!!!
    I knw how it feels. My grandmom’s place had 7 of them and all of them were gone within a week-right in front of my eyes!
    I haven’t seen one in the city in ages!

    That sounds truly truly horrible. I sobbed for literally two hours straight as they chopped it up into bits.. Seven. I just cannot imagine it.

  2. Did they have the permit?..I thought you cannot cut old trees, its against the law to give permission

  3. Why did they cut it?
    I feel for you. HUGS!

  4. Why did they cut it down?

    The jackfruit tree I held dear was chopped down in my old childhood home… such a loss that was.

  5. beep beep!
    Stop crying now! Bonsai’s are good! I swear! 😀

  6. Oh how terribly sad. The same thing happened to a friend of mine and she was miserable too. Hugs

  7. …and just where have thou been? 😦

  8. Thud thud.

    (Coz knock knock isn’t cutting it.)

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