Extreme emotions….utter confusion to moments of perfect lucidity…wild happiness to depression…this blog is to capture those small moments of my life…my thoughts as I think them, my feelings as I feel them..for me to laugh and cry and shake my head in disbelief twenty years down the line!!

I can be contacted at gooddaysunshine1[at]gmail[dot]com


8 Responses

  1. I am new to blogging and throughly enjoying your blog…aren’t you on Indiblog?

  2. Just sent you an email..check it out…

  3. I have been lurking around for a while at your blog . Decided to introduce myself today!

  4. So, here you are, G-D-S-S
    From OJ’s blog i come to bless
    Shall come back at leisure
    To read you with pleasure
    When am under less time-stress.

    If I wasnt in office reading this..I’d be clapping my hands and giggling in glee! Welcome here Aunty G!!!

  5. Nice blog. I am linking u 🙂

    Thank you! My pleasure!

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