Yes they did

What a day! Obama did pull it off..what Bradley effect?! I watched his acceptance speech and actually had goosebumps listening to him talk..watching the wild cheering crowds, tears glistening in their eyes, nodding and so involved in what the man had to say.

And I found myself wondering, if that could ever happen in our country. Will there ever be a leader who can capture the imagination of the people, inspire people without sounding like he’s spouting a whole lot of jargon? Will there ever be a day when I’d want to actually attend a political rally to hear my leader speak. And will I really want to vote for a person for his own merits, not trying to figure out who is the lesser of the bunch of evils? Were Gandhi and Nehru like that, I wonder. Did they manage to galvanise a crowd into action? Will I live to see the day on which a truly truly deserving candidate lead my country? Will the Change sweep over us, ever?