Escape..yet again

I’m going to get caught…this whole issue is causing KT and me too much tension. I do not wear my mangalsutra..I have never worn a chain in my life..I hate wearing jewellery, on a regular basis that is, and this mangalsutra is now a huge weight around my neck..ONLY LITERALLY so.. 🙂

Now the only two people that know this are KT and me…all the rest, my parents, in laws and the world at large (except for some nosy maami type colleagues, who don’t matter anyway) think that I wear it always like the good dutiful wife…I wear it in the morning after waking up, take it off before my bath, then put it on goes off the minute I enter the office, comes back on when I leave the office until I sleep when KT very cutely takes it from me and puts in the cupboard. KT is the best!! In the mornings before I get out of our room, he’d call out “Thaali alert!” and that’s my warning!! And now in the nights, even if I forget in all my tiredness to remove it, he says “Thaali unalert”!!! When I’m at home, I don’t have a room to myself and I hence cannot remove it in the nights.

Now I’m staying at home for a couple of days..and this morning took it off during my bath and put it on the tray that holds the brushes and paste…and horror…forgot to put it on back!! As soon as I got out, my dad stepped in to use the bathroom…and just as he bolted the door I remembered…. I stomped my foot so hard that my ma came running to figure out what had happened and I really struggled to come up with an explanation for the frustration writ large on my face!!! Crisis number 1 was diffused and the bigger one was looming. I could picture my dad holding it up and asking for an explanation. The reason for all this fear was the huge dressing down I received the only time in the past I was discovered “thaali-less”..I was ticked off in some very strong language. In fact my folks are so sentimental about it that they do not want it off even when I change the yellow thread (yeah after nearly three months, I’m still wearing the thread – its more comfy than a chain 😦 ) to my gold chain, I’m supposed to let the guy re string it keeping it on…now how this will be accomplished, I have no idea (sounds like good material for another post!) Anyway to cut my ranting short, my dad did not noticed and I thankfully slipped into the bathroom and retrieved it, disaster has been averted yet again…I wonder how long this charade is going to go on..I have successfully managed to cast away my toe rings, and brushed aside all the disapproving noises (loudest from daddy dearest – what does he care anyway!).

My guess is that the mangalsutra is going to be a much bigger challenge than the toe rings!!


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