Rainbow fairies

Well I’ve put in another poem from the childhood days…this one from when I was very little!! And the line I remembered was “Old father sun looked out and said” and I ran a google search and found it! Well I don’t know the name of the poet unfortunately..and that reminds me of a funny thing. As a child I came across loads of poems that were “Anonymous”.  And I didn’t know the meaning of the word and thought Anonymous was a guy who’d written all these poems!! 😀

Guess I remembered this poem because after we came across this, my mom would say “Never mind my dear” whenever she attempted to console a crying me!

Rainbow fairies 

Two little clouds, one summer’s day,

Went flying through the sky;

They went so fast they bumped their heads,

And both began to cry.

Old Father Sun looked out and said:

‘Oh, never mind, my dears,

I’ll send my little fairy folk

To dry your falling tears.’

One fairy came in violet,

And one wore indigo;

In blue, green, yellow, orange, red,

They made a pretty row.

They wiped the cloud-tears all away,

And then from out the sky,

Upon a line the sunbeams made,

They hung their gowns to dry.


6 Responses

  1. Your post prompted me to write about mine. Have a look at it at my space.

  2. in childhood memory mode, are we??

    Nice! 🙂

    Yeah and I don’t know why these phrases keep popping in my head and I run to that saviour called google!

  3. Lovely poem. I’ve always loved rainbows, fairies and fantasies. This one blew life to my imagination.

    Good good now I hope that the life this has blown into your imagination will give rise to some poetry!

  4. Well, me n you can just hope. With the amount of work pending and mood taking weird swings I’ll only be able to get out depressing stuff. Hope not.

  5. my Grandma told me that poem too when i was little girl. She learnt it when she was a little girl at school in Ireland.

  6. One day memories of my Mom popped in my mind and as she use to sing this song, i typed it in and found and made a copy of it. Thanks, P.S. I am mailing a copy to my sister. She would not let my Mom sing it to her as it made her cry. SOOO, I will miss the tears I know she will shed when she receives it in the mail.

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