Conversations around the house

KT is off on a work related trip and I have promptly parked myself at my parents’ place, looking forward to a nice lazy time.

I wake up at 6 45 am to find the lunch cooked, boxes packed and the breakfast being readied. A cup of steaming hot coffee finds its way to me and I read the paper peacefully.

(Things I’d have been doing at my place, same time simultaneously:  Keeping an eye on the boiling milk, chopping veggies, screaming at KT to wake up, eyeing the ticking clock and thanking my stars that we don’t have a kid)

I tell amma that I have a headache and a second cup of coffee finds its way to me. She gives me a couple of things to do, drying a shirt, hunting for her watch, putting the packed lunch boxes into the bags, turning out a light in the bathroom..

As she leaves I ask her if she’s had her calcium supplement and of course she hasnt..because there’s no time and she’s running late as she has to reach the work place by 7 45 am. So I fetch the tablet and a glass of water and hand it to her as she runs out of the door.

I wave out to her as she suddenly stops in her tracks. She smiles and says “I feel like a princess”

I watch her face for the sarcasm. There was none.


6 Responses

  1. I actually visualised a silent short film that ends with a tight close freeze frame on your mother’s smiling face, leaving the audience with a smile as well. 🙂

    Me: 🙂 Gah these new smileys are damn ugly!

  2. haha yes 🙂
    smile looks like the previous straight face. Wonder what straight face looks like!

  3. Awwww GDS, your mum is such a sweetheart. Doing all the stuff by herself and still saying this because you got her calcium supplement in time. You’re blessed 🙂

    I know 🙂

    I guess you should get around to lend more help to her in the mornings.

    But how? We don’t live together no?

  4. priceless moments?


  5. awww, she sounds lovely

    🙂 She is!

  6. knock knock! where’s the new post ma’am?

    Oh I have two new ones now 🙂 One is equal to the size of around 15 I think…now I can go back into hibernation!

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