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Post has been edited, a link has been added for your viewing pleasure.

I was sick, had low BP, dizzy spells and the whole works enough to send the entire household into a tizzy and the end result was that I was grounded for three days, plied with good food and was asked to lay off the laptop. For some reason I couldnt read as well and so the only entertainment was the good old telly. So I was the proverbial couch potato, lay in front of the telly,Β with the over worked remote in my hand. One of the more interesting programmes on was MTV’s Roadies, the auditions actually.

Now this is not about the programme, butΒ  what one contestant had to say. The girl was around 19 and a student of journalism.

A question that was put to her was what she thought of the recent Pride Parades that took place in Bombay and whether they were a sign of progress.

Her answer ” No way. Its insane. Gays are mentally retarded. Women mein koyi kami nahin” (Loosely translated women are equal to men)

In case you didnt understand the last line, what she meant was women are no less than men, so men need not turn to other men, women are good enough. Gayness is on account of the feeling that women are not good enough. Geddit? The moderators of the audition ripped her apart but they basically stuck to the have you not considered gayness is on account of genes line. I guess they were too shocked by her assertion that gay people are retarded to come up with what happens to lesbians. Do they think men are not good enough for them and so they turn to men?

I was always under the impression that the resentment towards gay folk was essentially a prejudice, something I cannot understand. But such crazy logic and misinformation from so called educated people is shocking to say the least.

Edited to update:

Alright I dug the link out, go watch Varisha. Please watch from around 3 min 50 secs onwards. Oh and don’t you dare judge me for watching the show. When I’m not killing myself over numbers on my laptop, I watch these shows. Psst in case you want to watch a couple of other loonies on the show, I will be glad to point you in their direction!


15 Responses

  1. will this count as inferiority complex?..would be really good to analyze why she could have said that one

    Don’t think so..she was extremely confident and was sooo sure that it was mental retardation. Very cocksure and arrogant..let me see if I can find a video..else watch out for it on MTV..they keep replaying the damn thing.

  2. I have come across a lot of media students and professionals who are as stupid. Understanding and reasoning are practically nil!!

    I’m quite surprised, really thought the younger lot was more sensible!

    Take care of your health.

    Thanks am better now!

  3. Did you find out why yuou were having those symptons?

    Yeah went to the doc, he said it was low BP thanks to stress..this has happened in the past as well.

    And as for stupid comments, this one really takes the cakes. That too on TV..she must be really dumb or superbly confident to voice something this out loud.

    Oh yeah she was both..most definitely!

  4. Hey, take care of your health. The body is trying to tell you something….listen to it πŸ™‚ (just reproducing my mom’s line!)

    Yeah my body wants me to change my job..but unfortunately the state of the economy will not permit that! Sitting in the financial services, Im lucky to have a job 😦

    And she said that on TV ???? Good Lord*rolls eyes*

  5. Low BP? You totally deserved that ‘punishment’. πŸ™‚

    Oh the show was hilarious no punishment that!!

    Eat and rest well, deadlines be damned.

    Can I work under you!!

  6. I have seen that episode where the girl said that gays are mentally retarded. It was a surprise to hear it from a journalism student but accepetd that she is not mature enough to understand… But do you know the irony.. Though the selectors – Raghu and Rajiv blasted her for her attitude and her non-sensical stuff, she was selected as one of the Roadies!!!!

    Hey Soulmate! You’re new here! Yeah I saw that she was selected, they said they wanted to see her suffer on the show! People like her will increase TRPs I guess! Did you watch that other wierdo who attempted suicide and blamed it on black magic..the one who has 3 boyfriends! She also got in!

  7. Low BP! Take care gurl…

    Thanks I’m much better now.

    I saw that episode of the audition, I just felt really sad for her, immature, senseless or extremely clever..that tactic got her selected… If they dont like your POV, they will select u as the person to increase the TRP’s, so act like a total bitch or really stupid like that model with 3 boyfriends..

    Yeah those girls were so bizarre

  8. Iam surprised at how many people do really think that being a gay or lesbian means anything from unavailability of opposite sex(as a single reason) to that being some kind of disease to be cured. Mmm, call for sex education.

    Hey! Welcome here! Love your url!! I really had no idea people were so ignorant! Unavailability hahaha!! Really! Have you seen the show? I’ve put the link up now!

  9. lol

    Yeah the show throws up gems! πŸ™‚

  10. she’s crazy! such a wannabe!


  11. I saw this episode and I was completely shocked. Maybe she said such things to attract all this attention, who knows, and to get her five seconds of fame.
    Hope you’re better now πŸ™‚

    Doing good now thanks! I think she really believed in what she was saying!

  12. Thanks for the link GDS. I had time off yesterday and nothing special to do, so caught quite a few Roadies episodes on the net, all thanks to you!!! I watched that one episode and was hooked! πŸ™‚

    It took me back to my college days – memories of seniors and ragging and all… some of the kids were silly and some downright offensive but I loved the way the judges handled them. Total no-nonsense approach.

    Hehe..yeah I watched the first season..years back and rediscovered it last year! Good fun!

  13. Knock, knock!

  14. Why blame the poor girl? People make their ‘opinions’ up from somewhere, don’t they? And on shows like this, you get only ‘popular opinions’ which some may call ‘prejudices’ but who are we to say? After all, as straight people, we only know second-hand what makes gay people gay, no?

    Recently I had the misfortune of watching ‘Girlfriend’ while I was laid low with the ‘flu. The film’s director, while trying hard to address a lesbian love story line, had to bring in the fact that Isha Koppikar’s character had been abused by her father and therefore did not trust me, ergo lesbian. The film’s 30 minutes that I watched were a festival of stereotypes – a lesbian must be butch (she fixes plumbing), a lesbian solves money problems (only later I believe the film says she does hand to hand combat for money, and beats Men, what do you know? Very Fight Club, eh!). I had a serious cough so I had to stop watching the film because every time I laughed, I had a coughing attack and with the 30 mins I watched, I was constantly coughing.

    Why only commercial cinema? The art world in India (cf ‘Fire’) also suggests that women turn lesbian when their husbands do not pay attention to them.

    The prudishness of a nation, where 1 Billion plus either prove immaculate conception or demonstrate what the reality is, astounds me no end. Makes me laugh too at the double standards.

    And these young people are the future? Tut tut…

  15. Correction:

    ‘did not trust meN’ not ‘did not trust me’

    Sorry. WP needs to have that Ajax comment-edit feature all through.

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